Connecting People Through "Gratitude" and "Sensationalism"

Kanazawa is a construction company that handles a wide range of projects, including large-scale construction, public facilities and commercial projects such as amusement parks and hotels. We put ourselves in our clients' positions, face the issues, and then propose and deliver services with a great deal of care. Each project is created by workers and everyone involved in the project shares "gratitude", and "sensationalism" borne from the result of facing clients' tasks and troubles. We respond to clients' appreciation by delivering divine products. That is the best part of working in this industry. We look forward to working on a project that builds this connection with people.

President, Takaaki Kanazawa


Koh Takahashi

Aiming to Become the No. 1 Contractor in Japan

Koh Takahashi, First-Class Registered Architect, General Construction Director (16-yr employee)

Koh Takahashi

A short cut to becoming "No.1" in Japan is to work diligently.Decluttering or minimalizing excess work brings forth smooth work results.

Becoming the best in Japan is what I am working towards. Many commercial facilities have a fixed business opening date and to delay that schedule will lead to a large loss for the clients. Kanazawa is focused on apt construction schedules. We streamline unnecessary exchange of documents and procedures within the company, and by devising measures to shorten the schedule within the scope of proper construction, we have been able to finish even the largest scale commercial projects on time. If we provide what Kanazawa can only offer, we should become No. 1 in Japan. Efforts towards that goal have just begun. Please look forward to the future of Kanazawa Contractor with us.

Koh Takahashi

You learn construction from others.
That's what makes this job enjoyable.

Many people are involved in a construction project. The bigger the project is, the more people you have working. This plays a big part in any project. Our engagement to various projects and people, helps bring out qualities you didn't realize you had and helps us all grow. So, it ends up becoming a real pleasure to work where you will perceive your potential.
There is plenty to learn from in this industry, with a chance to grow anywhere. It's all up to you. To learn and grow, however you wish. For those that are considering becoming part of our team, this is what I truly would like you to experience.

Toru Yasumura

The detailed process in the construction industry makes the job fun.

Architect, Construction Department Toru Yasumura (3-yr employee)

Toru Yasumura

There is an inexpressible feeling when accomplishing a big project.
Work extends the breadth of life.

It is very rewarding to build projects from scratch while involving and interacting with many people. I think that the attractiveness of Kanazawa is we construct large-scale commercial facilities, hotels, corporate offices, etc. By accumulating such experiences, it helps broaden the range of life. I think that is growth at work. Work latitude expands when I see the smiling faces of our clients. It gives me motivation to strive for higher quality in my work every day.

Toru Yasumura

The joy of seeing it form its shape.
An environment that allows an architect to grow on a daily basis.

I have been in charge of the foundation construction phase of a hotel project. But as time goes by, the scheduled day to hand over the completed project approaches faster. While watching beds and furniture being carried in, I already miss the framework of the project, which is the foundation phase.
The work of Kanazawa has a wide berth for skills and offers various scenarios to help us all grow as architects in multiple ways. In order to make our clients happy, we would like to create projects with a teamwork consciousness that manufactures professionalism.

Yuma Takaji

Working in the field is challenging.
Aiming for a smile at completion.

Construction Department Yuma Takaji (2-yr employee)

Since I joined Kanazawa, the project is big and has a high work load. This allows me to learn many things on the job. Currently, I'm responsible for the construction site of a hotel project, and overseeing 30 to 40 people every day. Although there are times that are rough, I feel it is challenging when I'm on site and see the project form into shape. But, when the project is completed and I see the satisfied faces of our clients at the time of delivery, I feel extremely proud I did my best. I look forward to continuing gaining my experience and facing new challenges for growth in this field.

Hikaru Inoue

Challenges in the construction industry.
I want to grow and learn daily.

Construction Department Hikaru Inoue (4-yr employee)

I am in charge of an apartment renovation site in Kyoto. Although I am in the third year with this company, I am still in the process of training myself everyday while accumulating experience as there are things I do not know yet. The best part of this job is when the project is completed and the moment the lights turn on. It almost brings me to tears remembering my commute to and from the site. The work load gets heavier the bigger the project is, however, I would like to strive daily for a successful project.

Work at Kanazawa

1. Schedule Management

1.Schedule Management

This requires the ability to grasp whether or not a construction project is progressing smoothly. If there is a problem, consider countermeasures and put them into practice. Kanazawa has the selling point that we can execute a short-term construction schedule. Schedule management is also where the skills of field supervision is demonstrated.



In order to communicate efficiently at the worksite and have smooth construction, careful meetings are indispensable. Meetings are carried out on a daily basis so that there is no omission of information.

Construction Drawing

3.Construction Drawing

It is impossible to do construction without drawings. This is an important early stage of work. Since it is a vital stage before construction begins, it is also an important stage to show the skills required. How to efficiently accommodate the clients' requests with the constraints of a limited budget and construction deadline is the key.

Cost Management

4.Cost Management

A large amount of money moves in the construction business. The larger the construction project is, the larger the cost becomes. It is an important process to manage whether you can proceed with construction within the budget or not.

Safety Management

5.Safety Management

As always, there is a sign saying "safety first" at any construction site, to ensure a safe work environment. Supervision is an important task for on-site safety. We check whether measures are taken to prevent accidents or problems that may cause accidents. We then make improvements, if necessary.

Field Communication

6.Field Communication

Many people are involved in a variety of positions on a construction site. It is important to have on-site supervision to guide workers so that construction proceeds smoothly. Communication on a daily basis with the workers at each project site, work on safety, and build trusting relationships for the progression of construction work.

Recruitment Information

Category Regular Positions
  • 1.Construction Work: Manage construction work at the project's construction site
  • 2.Architectual Design: General design including schematics
  • 3.Architectural Utiities: Design and manage construction work on water supply and drainage, air conditioning, lighting and disaster prevention, etc.
  • 4.Civil Engineering: Manage construction work at civil engineering sites
  • 5.Office Work: Business administration, sales, legal and general affairs, human resources, accounting, clerical, etc.
Job Description Overview

Construction management, general affairs, clerical work

Purchasing, process control, procurement of materials and equipment, budget management, quality control for each project.
Construction support, quality control and safety management, issuance of quotes (RFQs), budget management, preparation of various notification documents, etc.
Accounting, general affairs, labor/safety management, neighborhood relations, etc.

Starting Salary Doctoral Degree: ¥280,000/month
Master's Degree: ¥250,000/month
Bachelor's Degree: ¥230,000/month
Benefits Overtime pay, housing allowance, transportation allowance, field allowance, qualification acquisition allowance, business trip allowance, etc.
Salary Increase Once a year (April)
Bonus Twice a year (June and December), year-end bonus available
Days-off and Holiday Entitlements Saturday, Sunday, general holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, summer holidays, annual paid leave; others, such as childcare leave, etc.
Social Insurance Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, Healthcare Insurance, Employees' Pension Insurance
Other Benefits Dormitory assistance, contract resort mansion facility