The Story for Every Project Begins with People Meet the Team

We put our pride into each project.

Many staff are involved in a project before completion. We go through different phases such as planning and design to construction and building. Each one of the members of our team aims and puts forth effort to complete a beautiful project that satisfies our clients.



We can even respond to quick delivery because of our strict "process control".

I've been a field director for decades. What's important in each project is the construction period. Strict process control is indispensable for finishing with the shortest possible delivery date according to clients' needs or requests. Safety is of the utmost importance for short delivery projects. Please feel free to consult us. We will work our best to accommodate the clients' business needs.

The two alliance to create a building; "Construction work × design"

The centralized elements of each project in this industry are building and constructing. At Kanazawa, there is an advantage that you can ask the design company after the main construction work and work on the design in cooperation. I believe it is Kanazawa's responsibility to not only build quality structures but to also decorate the interior to appease the user/owner, which is the client. Each project is not just to build but to be able to complete the project so that it is user-friendly, functional, and satisfactory. That's what we care about.

The real pleasure of "architectural design" is envisioning the completion of the building.

I've been drawing architectural perspective for a long time. The moment I see the client's face filled with satisfaction at the time of project completion is when I feel glad I chose this career. A building rich in design comes to form through cooperation with various design offices, whether it is for hotels, business offices or amusement parks. I always envision this kind of excitement when I work. In addition to designing, cost management of each project is also important. I am pleased to collaborate with design companies for various projects.

Aiming to be top in Japan as a construction professional.


We think that the quality of building each project greatly rises due to each of our staff not only approaching and doing their best on a creative project but also aiming to bring the utmost pleasure/satisfaction to our clients. It is ubiquitous to offer high quality construction equipment, operation, and construction technology as a professional in the field. We believe it is important to create building value while putting our customers' desires and thoughts in mind.
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are confident we can offer a high quality product, even if you don't see construction examples on our site.