Learning life elements of "people" from ancient buildings
A philosophy of construction by Kanazawa Contractor, Co., Ltd.

A five-storied pagoda is a cornerstone of modern buildings that inherit construction technology from history. Even with time, it is majestic, and the presence of geometric beauty has become a work filled with the stylishness of building technology. In the present age, technology has advanced using software such as CAD for an accurate design. Also, as a designer, we aim to learn the essence of building technology from history, to project it in to modern buildings and carry out construction projects that allow "people" to spend a grand life.

“ひと”の生活要素を古代建造物から学ぶ金澤工務店が贈る 建設のフィロソフィー

Learn the essence of architecture from three types of carpentry

Architectural design began from basic drawing. Prince Shotoku was said to have contributed to the development of carpentry techniques by using a "square ruler" to draw perpendicularly, horizontally and vertically. The foundations of carpentry technology started by drawing lines with an inkpod, measuring with a square ruler and sharpening pillars and beams with adze to build beautiful buildings. To convey the "accuracy" transmitted from ancient times to the present age and reflect it in beautiful buildings is indeed a philosophy that was passed down by our ancestors.


Robust and safe building technology
seen from the five-storied pagoda

The five-storied tower is built with five roofs to keep the balance of one tall building. At the center of the tower, a long pillar, called "Shinbashira", is connected to a roof structure around it. As the surrounding structure goes from the lowest floor to the highest floor, the size of the roof becomes smaller. The size of the roof is slightly different so that the tower does not collapse during an earthquake. Because it is a high rise tower, the time difference occurs in how the shake propagates, keeping its balance and preventing it from collapsing. By making use of this essence of safety in the present day, conducting further earthquake proof construction helps people live safely.

Implement a construction process that can be felt
by the five senses, where "people" can live enriched lives

A foundation of ground and the structure of framework to be used safely by "people"FRAMEWORK CONSTRUCTION

The construction industry has various ways of constructing, but the basis for making solid and beautiful buildings is the ground and the pile driving process, and the frame (concrete and steel) that forms the skeleton structure of a building. We construct the framework, to detailed construction, and finally to a finish product, presenting a firm presence.

Foundation Work,
Civil Engineering Work

We choose whether pile construction or foundation construction is best suited to the ground and build a safe base foundation.

Reinforcement Construction

We carry out the reinforcement framing with precision and strength, and form a framework for pillars, walls and floors.

Concrete Construction

We build formwork according to the required quality of material. Then with great precision, we finish the framework.

Steel-Frame Work

We will arrange the construction as planned, make sure it meets the delivery date with the quality of the original design presented.

The interior and exterior construction that leaves "people" mesmerized by its texture and spacial rendering. DESIGN COGITATION

We perform constructions with high design in order to produce beautiful ceilings, walls and floor space by taking in to consideration the "lifestyle" of the "people". We use high-cost performance materials and apply to both the interior and exterior to display a visually beautiful finish with exquisite detail.

Exterior Work

We offer beautifully finished exterior work with high durability and water resistance, strong against any evironmental conditions.

Interior Work

Construction is done according to each need, such as ceiling, walls, flooring, or joinery (door/window frames)


We carefully select the materials to be used together with the designer, to produce a beautiful interior finish.

"People" will be impressed by the fine precision of our designs ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN

We offer beautiful geometric and accurate structural for each project. Working with design companies,We create straight lines, phases and curves that "people" find alluring. We make full use of the lines, planes, and points which are the basis of architectual design.

Functional Equipment

We design with life's neccesities; water, light, and air. FUNCTIONAL EQUIPMENT

We carry out construction with building functionality in mind. We install various lifelines into the facilities such as electricity, communications (phone/internet), water supply and drainage, sanitation, gas, air conditioning, etc. Electrical Equipment We do electrical maintenance such as lighting and communications (phone/internet).

Electrical Installation and Services Electrical Installation and Services
Water Supply and Drainage Installation Water Supply and Drainage Installation
Air-Conditioning Installation Air-Conditioning Installation
Vertical Transportation Systems Vertical Transportation Systems
Security Equipment Security Equipment