A building that gives "people" a space to breathe

Kanazawa has built various projects, such as commercial facilities, amusement parks, educational institutes, and hotels. We don't just "build". We provide a structure that gives "people" a space to breathe with the movement of people in mind. People live in areas surrounded by buildings. They are the focal point in communities to get people to interact with one another. Such a lifestyle exists together with space, offering functionality and beautiful construction so that people can live comfortably and pleasantly.


for Future

Safety must be the priority in construction work for the people using the building as well as local residents. We are building solid foundations for each project that are long lasting and comfortable.

For the future of individual people.
In order for each completed project to exist and to utilize for a long time, we take the foundation process seriously using high quality construction skills. We strive to protect the future of everyone through various construction efforts including maintenance management.


with Human flow

Each project is being used by "people". We think that it is important to simulate what people use, how they move, what they see and how they spend, and set up focus areas where people gather at buildings and facilities.

Study the flow of people and create a point where people gather.
Enjoyable sites = creative constructions. From the formation of the landscape of the area are hand-in-hand operations for building commercial facilities, amusement parks and hotels. We create a vibrant space that raises building value and living trends that foretell the future.



When spending time in the building, we naturally have a sense for decorating indoor space. Beautiful atmosphere design will enrich your mind. The extension of contemporary art, that lurks in our lives, is made with materials adored by people.

Look at the materials obediently.
By doing so, we build with pride using original material beautifully, on external walls, the interior and even each pillar, to create a product that is continuously enjoyed by people. We combine functional, aesthetic beauty and project rich designs in each project.

Affiliated Company

KS Facilities

Managing Building Maintenance Post Construction

Kanazawa is affiliated with KS Facilities, that manages the maintenance post construction for each project. They manage the completed building, conduct repairs and mending, carry out facility management, uphold statutory management rules, and follow-up with each building owner.

Legal Inspection

Legal Inspection

In consideration of the building's life cycle, an inspection is conducted at a scheduled time to assure the safety of the entire building.

Key Maintenance

Key Maintenance

A staff member with knowledge of facility equipment will monitor building operations to assure uniformity, perform reliable maintenance, and prevent any foreseeable problems.

Maintenance Work

Maintenance is carried out in order to keep the building functioning through the diagnosis procedure when checking for repairs and maintaining the building from aging and deterioration.